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80 %

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96 %

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Amicable collection

We systematically favor the search for an extra judicial solution, with the dual objective of:

  • Reduce the time and cost of processing your records;
  • Reconcile the safeguarding of your financial interests and your business imperatives.

However, according to the instructions given to us by our clients, the importance of the receivable, the responsiveness of your debtors to the actions initiated by our firm, its financial and legal situation, this negotiation can be shortened at any time.

Similarly, and if urgency requires, we will not resort to a negotiation phase and will engage, in collaboration with our external partners, upon receipt of your file, the legal procedure necessary to safeguard your legal interests And financial. The conciliation phase includes, among other things:

  • The prior search for financial and legal information about your debtors;
    Analysis of the file;
  • Written and telephone reminders – Our requests incorporate, by application of the articles included in: your general conditions of maintenance, quotes, contracts: the conventional interests of delays, the indemnity of cancellation …;
  • The establishment of a possible moratorium;
  • Claims management (technical, commercial, financial …);
  • Verification of the merits of the challenge, quantification and qualification;
    Processing of disputes (technical, financial, commercial, etc.) in consultation with your company and the services concerned (study and implementation of corrective or palliative solutions);
  • The search for negotiated solutions;
  • Development of protocols for transactional agreements …;
  • Intervention with mediator or conciliator;
  • Actions specific to your activity (action in direct payment, memory in complaint …).

Legal collection

The use of a judicial solution is only possible with your prior agreement.

Legal action is initiated only if we have the legal elements that are capable of substantiating our claims and claims and that the suspected solvency of your debtor makes it possible to envisage the recovery of the sums to which he will have been condemned.

The type of procedure used will depend on the legal and financial situation of your debtor, the amount and the due date of your claim (if any) as well as the documents in the file.

  • For undisputed or undisputed claims, in excess of € 1,500, we will, as a matter of priority, proceed by way of an emergency summons (Emergency procedure – Certain, liquid and receivable debt);
  • For cases whose principal amount is less than 1,500 €, we will proceed by way of an order to pay;
  • For files that are subject to total or partial challenge, we proceed by way of summons to the merits.

You will be systematically copied of the exchanged entries and decisions obtained.
Depending on the content and the effectiveness of the contractual documents, we will request, in addition to the principal, the application:

  • of section 700 of the N.C.P.C;
  • of the default interest;
  • of the termination indemnity;
  • of damages (to the merits);
  • of proceeding costs;
  • the term maturity clause …

An adapted, personalized and integral treatment of your files A team on a human scale with a real culture of results

Our Customers


More than 300 small and medium-sized companies currently trust us for their debt collection files.

Large companies

The Care firm works with some twenty major national and international groups operating in various sectors of activity: chemistry, transport, construction, press, environment …

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Advanced Team

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Great flexibility

An adapted, personalized and integral treatment of each of your files


No subscription, no minimum volume of business

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What is your role within your company?

  • I co-manage the Customer Financial Relations department, perimeter of the customers 100,000 customers of Petroleum Cards.

Which opportunity (s) do you have with CARE?

  • In 2014, we applied to the CARE firm following the outsourcing of payment processing by a portion of Total Marketing France’s customers.

What do you like about your collaboration with CARE?

  • The collaboration with Care is excellent. Transparent and dynamic relationship of improvement perfectly illustrate this one.

Which opportunity (s) do you have with CARE?

  • I appeal to the collection agency CARE to recover unpaid debts from private clients and public clients. The collection office manages the amicable phase and / or the judicial phase on our behalf.

What do you like about your collaboration with CARE?

  • The partnership has been in place for 6 years and is well on the whole. We appreciate the management of the files, the exchanges to define in close collaboration the ‘best strategy’ to adopt according to the files. One point is made regularly (on average once a quarter) to assess the collection rate and the progress of management records.