Cabinet Care

Our firm is a unique structure in the amicable and judicial collection market.
We have the expertise and the means necessary to meet the specific demands of efficient and effective processing of your files, whatever your sector of activity or the typology of your files.
Our experience allows us to understand all the legal and judicial issues you are confronted with.
But our (originality) originality depends as much on the training and the ability of our lawyers as on our system of functioning.
Indeed, our society on a human scale develops a true “culture of the result”.
This unwavering commitment to maintaining and improving our individual and collective performance levels is not only a factor of progress but also the guarantee given to our customers that we aspire to deliver the best quality of service.
This constant requirement that we impose allows us to raise our rate of return to more than 80%.
These levels of effectiveness are achieved by applying the following principles:

An adapted, personalized and integral treatment of each of the entrusted business.
A limited number of files per lawyer.
Close proximity to our clients.
Very flexible operation.
Another special feature of our practice is that our customers have the utmost freedom.
To do this, we do not impose a subscription or the transmission of a certain volume of business.
Finally, we practice simple, clear and indexed pricing on our performance.

Why choose us ?

Advanced Team

Experienced high level lawyers

Quality services

A limited number of files per lawyer

Great flexibility

An adapted, personalized and integral treatment of each of your files


No subscription, no minimum volume of business

Result oriented

Success rate over 80%


Simple, clear and indexed pricing based on our performance